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Healthy Co-Parenting Free Resource Library

Not sure where to start unraveling the stress and uncertainty of co-parenting your child?

  • If you often feel you’re not being the best parent you can be, you’ll feel supported and more confident in your parenting skills.

  • If you feel as if you’re hands are tied behind your back when you try to communicate with your co-parenting partner about your child’s well being, you’ll find solutions and strategies to help you move forward.

  • If you wish you had a place you could go to get unbiased guidance and support then you belong in this private Facebook group. Join now. It’s free.

Learn to effectively work with your ex-spouse, partner, or blended family members for the good of your child. 

Meet Cassie in the video below and get instant access to the Free Resource Library for Healthy Co-Parenting tips, tools, and coaching.

             Excerpts of training videos checklists, guides, and group coaching with Cassie Ragsdell inside the Facebook Group.


Short Videos with quick solutions to co-parenting problems. Checklists, worksheets, and guides to help you work toward your goals. 

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