Healthy Co-Parenting

Learn to effectively work with your former spouse, partner, or current blended family members for the betterment of your child.

Parents Benefit:

  • Happier Children
  • Effective Communication
  • Create a Stress Free Co-Parenting Environment
  • Improved Relationships with Bonus Parents
  • Save Money, Time, and Headache Staying Out Of Court

Child(ren) Benefit:

  • Retains a Sense of Security; Feeling Safe, Loved, and Important
  • Emotional and Physical Needs Are Met
  • Stays In Regular Contact With and Raised by Both Parents
  • Doesn’t Get Put In The Middle or Forced To Choose Sides
  • Doesn’t Feel Responsible For Breakup or Conflict

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Cassie Ragsdell, R.N. Healthy Co-Parenting Coach 9Hi, I am Cassie Ragsdell. I became a registered nurse because I like helping people be and feel the happiest and healthiest they are capable of being.

Healthy Co-Parenting with Cassie Ragsdell RN and Co-Parenting CoachNursing is a great metaphor for my parenting life because your efforts and goals focus on the person dependent upon you for their well being.

From my home town in central Missouri, with the birth of my son at age 21, in college, and in a relationship, I found out quickly my world was no longer only about me. Although we never married one another, my son was, and always will be, the top priority for me and my son’s father.

Sometimes, even as committed co-parents, we can go from communicating effectively as a united front to not at all, seemingly overnight. At times, I struggled to get resources, find advice, and be at peace when times were less than cooperative in our co-parenting situation. Moving out of state to Florida with my husband presented it’s own set of problems and conflict. All of this helped me grow as a parent and as a person.

Your child(ren) should always be a priority as parents.


Cassie Ragsdell, RN-Healthy Co-Parenting Coach.

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